9 How Not Get Lost Solo Traveling In India.

9 How Not Get Lost Solo Traveling In India.

Author: Veronika Prielozna
Date of Trip: October 2016

If you are a Lady dreamer with a passion for traveling and exploring the world, you might be the same kind of a woman traveler as I am and then this article is written just for you. How did I do it and not get lost solo traveling in India? Let me share my ways and the lessons I learned from my travel.

veronika prielozna in india

TRAVELING LADY MOON on her journey

I have been traveling all my life and as I mature my travel style matures with me. In my twenties, I hitchhiked in Europe, but now I am happy to leave my backpack in the closet and pull my traveling kit with gratitude for smart comfortable travel. Armed only with my carry on, camera, smartphone, documents and credit cards in October 2016, I was ready to face my new travel destination to India alone.

SOLO TRAVELING definitely requires a leap of faith

but with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. I began with research and talking to my f/b friends who are from India. Then, with full precaution, I figured out the traveling way that was right for me. It was my travel intention that helped me create conditions that were likely to turn out in my favor, so I would have an enjoyable journey ahead.

“I start traveling in my mind a way before my feet touched the road traveling….”

Even though I love traveling in a small group of 2 – 3 people, which is a good fit for a taxi ride-sharing travel experiences and enriching each other with laughter or insights, I decided to travel solo in India for this time. I followed my dream. I created my travel project https://sway.com/w7MNakkZoBBvqfHr and dared to face my journey alone.

My travel project allowed me to become a TRAVELING LADY MOON, a Travel Writer, an expert for traveling in style and seeking spirituality and pleasure of exploration with joy and ease.

Here is TRAVELING LADY MOON wisdom for all of you.

1 TRAVELING IN AIR: Managing your Jet Lag with the enjoyable layover.

For this time traveling to India, in the air, about 24 hours, I chose to fly with Emirates and stopped in Dubai for two nights. It was a smart way to minimize my travel fatigue and at the same time get a taste of the city of daring modern architecture and Arabic ancient culture. Yes, it cost me some additional expenses, but the experience I gained was worth it!

veronika prielozna in india

2 ACCOMMODATION: Never ever compromise on the place you stay.

No matter how tight your budget is, make sure that you choose a good place to stay. In my case, I was following my travel accommodation adviser, Yaseen Tuman, +91-194-2462211, +91 9596767812 [email protected], who insisted I book a 4 or 5-star hotel with all of the hotel comfort services, safety and amenities included. In rural small towns,I used Heritage Boutique Hotel that suited me as a good luxurious hotel.

3 WHY WAS ACCOMMODATION so important for me?

Traveling in India requires a lot of energy and strength, but no matter how intensive the day was, I always found a warm and luxurious small place to rest, heal and rejuvenate my energy. As a solo woman traveler, hotel staff will pay extra attention to your presence. Don’t be shy talk to them, ask them about trip advice and make them your local alliance, they know….

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