Extreme Home Improvement Makeover Sheet Vinyl Flooring

The major part of your home decor starts with the kitchen flooring and commits with an Extreme Home Makeover using sheet vinyl flooring at VinylFlooring.org

Having an attractive flooring is almost half the work done to achieve a stylish interior. You may be residing at any type of home, either modern or an old construction we will definitely have something perfect to match your taste, requirements and style. Giving a home makeover of ceramic or marble to your floors can be a tedious task and would be heavy on your pocket. Hence the best alternative is to opt for the cushioned sheet vinyl flooring options, which can called a DIY home improvement project. This is a cost effective and an immediate solution to consummate a classy base of the house.

This redefined vinyl flooring comes in an incredible array of colors, textures and patterns. The easy to apply makeover for your home can appease a variety of tastes to match all contemporary, classic or traditional requirements. Vinyl sheet flooring is complete with a real look and texture of ceramic, stone or hardwood / laminate flooring. On the contrary it is more affordable, can be easily installed, loose-laid, and allows a carefree maintenance without ever having to wax again.

IVC Flexitec floors come with quick installation guides following which one can personally manage to fix the bottom surface of any room. The do it yourself guide for the floor lamination makes it convenient to renovate your floors without hiring professional help. This extra saving is again a good news for your pocket book. Simply loose lay IVC Flexitec Fiberglass Cushioned Vinyl Sheet, adhere with Acrylic Double-Face Tape in certain areas and enjoy. Very similar to Liz Claiborne linoleum, Armstrong congoleum vinyl floors, earthscapes vinyl flooring, Mannington resilient floors. Some factors to consider while installing in a square foot room over 25 yards or where there will be heavy appliances such as refrigerators etc would require the use of double face tape or pressure sensitive adhesive along the two walls or as a full spread.

The sub-floor should be thoroughly clean, firm and level prior to installing the IVC Flexitec and there should be no wet substrate as this can trap moisture. It is easy for both professional installer and do-it yourself people to lay the latest IVC Flexitec flooring. Professional installing of the vinyl flooring makes use of the full spread installation using Balta / IVC B-2000 pressure-sensitive adhesive. The flooring is resistant to break or permanent crease and also its structural composition make it very easy to work. The highly resilient fiberglass base, laminated with a tough layer of PVC on both sides gives it an unmatched stability. This revolutionary new construction eliminates all conventional problems of cracking, curling, expansion and contraction. The unique construction of IVC Flexitec also makes it extremely resistant to moisture.

The designated warranty period for the IVC Flexitec flooring ensures that it does not contain manufacturing defects, nor does it contract, expand, curl, crack, tear or rip from normal household use. The flooring is not affected by mold, mildew, alkaline or moisture. Flexitec vinyl flooring offers warranty against any permanent stains from common household products, household traffic stains or permanent scuff from shoe soles.

The modernistic composition of IVC Flexitec floor is aptly suited for both residential and commercial purposes. The latest structural integration of vinyl flooring retains the gloss and texture of the floor for many years and prevents it from dulling or fading easily. Taking due care of the floor preserves the new fresh look of the floor for a pretty long time.

Flexitec PVC cushion back vinyl advantages consist of many unique features:

Construction: Flexitec has a core of a highly resilient fiberglass base fully encapsulated on both sides by PVC vinyl.

1)Comfort Foam: Comfort foam is a luxurious cushioned vinyl backing supporting the vinyl structure and offering a base for indentation resistance. This backing reduces impact noise and sound transmission while guaranteeing unmatched underfoot comfort. The natural moisture-stop characteristics of PVC provide superior resistance to mold and mildew.
2)Foam Layer: On top of the fiberglass layer comes a cushioned vinyl foam layer, allowing additional indentation recovery thanks to its resilient nature.
3)Quick Clean Wearlayer: The wearlayer determines the actual wear performance of your floor. The higher the wearlayer the more durable your floor. The wearlayer will give your floor its protection and resistance against general wear, dents, cuts and scratches, while retaining its lasting finish. The unique Quick Clean benefit offers you extra durability and better definition of design and color, ensuring a long-lasting luster and beauty for your floor.
4)Super Guard: The Super Guard finish offers you even better protection. This advanced, urethane-layer resists scuffs, scrapes and stains and the accumulation of dirt and grime. This will allow your floor to retain its new look and ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Flexibility: Because of the construction, Flexitec is far more flexible than conventional sheet vinyl, making it easier to work with while laying it down at the job site. It does not break and will not permanently crease.

Fiberglass: The fiberglass layer combines strength with flexibility, ensuring an easy and trouble-free installation process. This inter-layer offers a unique dimensional stability eliminating conventional problems of contraction, expansion, curling and cracking, resulting in easy installation and higher durability.

Dimensional Stability: Because of the construction, problems of contraction, expansion, cracking and curling are eliminated. Flexitec lays flat and stays flat.

Ease of installation: Because Flexitec vinyl lays flat and is so flexible, it is a joy to work with compared to traditional sheet vinyl. There are two installation methods.
1)Loose lay DIY Installation up to 25 square yards.
2)Full spread Professional Installation with pressure sensitive adhesive or Double sided tape.

Reduced installation time: Because it is so much easier to work with, Flexitec takes much less time to cut and install. It is easier to seam and more forgiving than conventional vinyl. It is also easier to remove or patch, making it an ideal flooring solution for property management firms and all residential and commercial buyers.

Extremely moisture resistant: Unlike traditional paperback vinyl, Flexitec sheet vinyl is extremely resistant to moisture. It actually acts as a moisture barrier because of the PVC on both sides.

The structure of your vinyl floor largely determines its durability and how well it will resist the scuffs, scrapes and stains while retaining its original luster. Flexitec has a unique structural composition allowing you to select a floor type that will match your personal performance requirements. At its core, Flexitec vinyl has a highly resilient fiberglass base, double encapsulated by PVC layers. Thanks to this revolutionary construction, your floor has unmatched dimensional stability eliminating conventional problems of contraction, expansion, curling and cracking, resulting in easy installation and higher durability. The unique characteristics of PVC gives you higher underfoot comfort and unparalleled flexibility combined with excellent resistance to everday wear and tear.

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