Finding a wedding barn to furniture hire 4 essential wedding planning tips

As soon as you’re married you’ll probably forget all about the stress of organising one of the only events in your lifetime which is likely to include almost everyone you’ve ever known. Or are you? Just like mothers who claim that the difficulties of pregnancies and the hours of labour are forgotten just as soon as that gorgeous baby is in your arms, we somehow just don’t believe that.

Taking as much stress out of wedding planning as possible is an absolute must. Many couples find the organisation so stressful that they completely change their idea or never even make it to the day itself.

We think the key to the successful wedding is simple though. So long as you’re organised and you have plenty of time to prepare, there should be very few hurdles to overcome. Sound like we’re over simplifying things? Well perhaps we are a touch, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t cope with the stresses of wedding planning and make it down the aisle just like you always wanted.

Buy a diary

This is an absolute must, and should be one of the first things you do. It doesn’t necessary have to be a paper book (although these can be really useful), and if you choose an electronic diary instead, both you and your better half will be able in individually access everything which has been done, needs doing, and should have been done months ago. (Remind us, who was booking the wedding barn again?!)

Book the wedding barn or venue early

We recommend making a list of everything which needs to be done at the beginning, with deadlines of when it should be done by. Almost everything else will be at least partially dictated by the wedding barn, church or beach setting which you’re looking to hire out, so that should come top of your list.

Organise, organise, and organise some more

Split up tasks, set reminders, and make sure you’ve budgeted for everything so you’re not left with a nasty suit sized surprise nearer the day. Costing everything out should be done together, and the more flexible you’re both willing to be the better. Your wedding is as a couple not an individual, so no one half of your partnership should be left with all the major tasks and stress (although if one of you is fussier, best leave them with the big decisions!)

Don’t forget the details

Asking the right questions can save you lots of money, as often wedding barns will have accommodation packages available for a discount, furniture thrown in, and maybe even caterers they can recommend. Wherever your job can be made more simple, grab the opportunity with both hands.

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