Interior Design London UK

Whatever your interest in interior design, London is likely to
have what you are looking for. Maybe you are seeking inspiration and
imaginative tips on interior design for your own home or you are an
interior designer and want to promote your own work, or perhaps you want
to hire the services of a professional designer or even study interior
design yourself, no matter what your need is, there is no better place
to satisfy it than from the design capital of the UK itself, London.

Visiting Exhibitions in London

hosts a number of exciting exhibitions every year, some of which focus
on a specific area of interior design and others that are broader in
their approach. Exhibitions serve many purposes, they can showcase new
talent and fresh ideas from up and coming interior designers often
alongside the work of already well established and highly sought after
designers in the industry, they highlight the latest fashions and
trends, spark new creative ways of thinking, provide opportunities to
network and increase business sales and of course they offer the chance
to view the work of some of the best interior designers in the world.

The following list represents just three Interior Design Exhibitions that regularly take place in London:

100 Percent Design – Exhibition usually takes place in September over 3
days and is open to the general public on one of those days. More
information can be found at

Decorex – This exhibition also takes place each September but is only
for trade and professionals in the interior design industry. Details of
the next exhibition can be found at

New Designers Exhibition – opens to the public and exhibits the work of
thousands of new and up and coming designers every July. You can find
out more information from

are of course many other exhibitions taking place throughout the year
and a list of them can be viewed on The British Interior Design
Association website at

Hiring a professional Interior Designer

of us would like to transform our own home and although we may start
out with great ideas and intentions, quite a few of us never actually
get around to doing anything about it. Hiring a professional interior
designer is one way of getting it done and if you don’t have someone in
mind already; one place to start looking is The British Interior Design
Association. The BDA keep a list on their site of interior designers
who are either registered members or associated members.

members are the most qualified and have the most experience as in order
to get registered they have to satisfy the Association’s strict
criteria. An Associate member has to have been working in the industry
for at least a year and will have passed the association’s interview
process for membership. You can search for an interior designer at

Another option is The Interior Design Handbook website at,
where you can search a list of potential designers by location as well
as speciality. You will also be able to view their profiles online.

Studying Interior design in London

offers hundreds of courses on various aspects of interior design
starting from the most basic right through to graduate degrees and
beyond and so finding the right one can seem like a daunting task but it
needn’t be if you know where to look.

A small sample of interior design schools in London include:

o The KLC school of Design

o The AIU School of Interior Design

o The Interior Design School

You could also try searching for other courses at,
which is the official guide to all the different adult education
courses on offer throughout London. UCAS will also be able to provide
you with comprehensive information on different undergraduate courses
that are interior design related and what colleges and universities are
offering these courses.

Why London for Interior Design?

attracts a wealth of talent and creative thinking within the interior
design Industry and is an important springboard for launching the very
latest designs from some of the best interior designers in the world.
London also provides endless opportunities for up and coming interior
designers to showcase and promote their own work and can be a source of
inspiration for anyone interested in interior design at any level.

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