Using Furniture in Your Bathroom

Due to the recent boom in the property market, and subsequently house prices, many owners have chosen to increase the number of bathrooms to add value, particularly in relation to the addition of an en-suite on a master bedroom. With this increase arises an issue of limited space and storage. >

The bathroom, unlike any other room has not had storage solutions publicised, as the concentration is on the ceramics and brassware items and creating a contemporary and minimalist look. Although a minimalist appearance is very in Vogue and fashionable in bathroom design, this is achieved through reducing the number of items in your bathroom or creating the illusion of space. What many designs fail to recognise is the practical uses your bathroom has. There are countless numbers of products that are used in a bathroom, from shampoo and conditioner to toothpaste and razors, and leaving them to scatter your surfaces will add clutter to your bathroom and negate the luxurious haven that you have created.

Therefore, bathroom furniture is the obvious storage solution, and their design neednt be cumbersome, fussy or expensive. There are many different manufacturers on the market who offer modern storage solutions, from freestanding units to bespoke furniture sets.

There are four different types of storage solution that you could choose; units, complete sets, cabinets and accessories. Firstly, units are a simple way of creating a cupboard beneath your basin, and remove the need for a pedestal in your bathroom. Units can either be wall hung at your desired height, or floor-standing using a leg and plinth set. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, from traditional wood to gloss white.

Sloegrin have created a range of units which are minimalistic in style and represent real value for money. Their gloss white mini units offer a solution for smaller bathrooms, and the gloss finish creates the added illusion of space and will tie in with any white tiles. All their furniture comes pre-assembled, so there are no awkward flat-packs to create.

Secondly, similar to units, complete bathroom furniture sets include a basin, but in addition, they also include a back to WC, with the cistern concealed within the furniture itself. Some items also include a bath and taps within the price. These give the added advantage of the set creating a unified look in your bathroom, and the illusion of one larger piece of furniture against a wall, rather than lots of smaller ones.

Another storage solution to stow away bottles and clutter is a mirrored wall cabinet. Placed above a basin, this has the dual purpose of storage and using the mirror to shave. The mirror will also add the illusion of space in to your bathroom. The compact slider by Sloegrin will create a simple and effective storage solution in any bathroom, and has additional features such as a magnetic closure system, sliding mechanism and interior shelves.

Finally, accessories can also be used as a means of storage. However, unlike cabinets, these do not hide the products out of sight, but simply create somewhere to store them close to hand. Styled in a chrome effect, a soap and sponge holder is also suitable for small bottles of product, and is a stylish storage solution that will tie in with other features in your bathroom.

Whatever storage you decide to use in your bathroom, rest assured that there is a solution out there to suit your needs and designs, from corner units to bespoke furniture, you are bound to find something to your taste.


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